What do BuyITC and BSF have in common?
The Bled Strategic Forum (BSF) is the annual international leading conference of leaders of Central and South-Eastern Europe, which, as the name suggests, takes place every year in Bled. It was first organized in 2006 and this year our new Event Manager with new accreditation system at the forefront contributed a piece of the organizational mosaic.
More than 2,000 people from all over the world registered for the event via online registration forms, and complete implementation of the accreditation process included the following:
  • Online registration forms in Slovene and English (for delegates, general participants, organizers and media) graphically consistent with visual identity of the event itself.
  • E-mail Marketing system for sending both E-Invitations and automated e-mails (event registration, accreditation approval message with additional information), also graphically consistent with visual identity of the event.
  • Accreditation module for transparent and comprehensive accreditation management, including printing of accreditations (printing file customized for ID card printer Matica).
  • As it was a high security event, the accreditation process also included a security check.
  • Check-in mobile application for recording entries and exits to specific venues.
Our accreditation system performed outstandingly and reliably at all steps of the accreditation process and once again proved that we have created a product that is a reliable and effective tool for organizing even the most demanding events. The most demanding in terms of quantity of participants, suitable multilingual e-notifications, the highest security requirements, reliable online and offline mobile check-in application… and the whole symphony of an otherwise complex digital system ultimately results in only one material substance - ACCREDITATION!

Member of Parliament from 'our end' has also received one and confirmed her participation with the photo below on social media.
22. NOVEMBER 2016
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2. OCTOBER 2016
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20. SEPTEMBER 2016
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