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New Event Manager for top-level event management
1. JULY 2021
Event Manager

We developed the first Event Manager program in 2016 with the aim of facilitating the organization of events for business purposes, and at that time we had no idea that our product has the potential to grow from a convenient companion for organizing general events to an efficient, safe, transparent and reliable accreditation system for comprehensive organization of events.
With a good basis and many ideas, we applied for the public tender for the Accreditation and Event Management System (AEMS) for public administration use, with emphasis on Slovenia's presidency of the EU Council between July and December 2021. We bid successfully and after a year and a half of intensive work, excellent cooperation with the client in the planning and implementation phase, constant testing, learning and adaptation (even to the new requirements brought by the pandemic), we successfully and on time completed the project, which included the development of 4 applications:
  • Unified editorial application for organizing events, reviewing and managing applications and accreditations, and managing the content of the online accreditation portal and mobile application,
  • Online accreditation portal with an interactive calendar of events with the possibility of collecting applications for closed or open types of events and with the possibility of reviewing applications and accreditation statuses,
  • Mobile application for accredited users who can follow all the details of the event (Android and iOS) via the invitation code.
  • Mobile check-in application for event organizers, which enables check in by reading QR codes from accreditation cards and eTickets with a mobile device. It also enables manual registration of unregistered persons at the event and sending urgent e-notifications (email, sms and push notifications).
Online accreditation portal with interactive calendar of events
Editorial application for organizing events, reviewing and managing applications and accreditations
Mobile application for accredited users
Mobile check-in application for event organizers

The project was very extensive in terms of content, requirements and the number of stakeholders who initially participated in the planning phase, while the number of users of the editorial system increased to more hundreds when the final solution was handed over for full use.

The limitations posed by the pandemic were also a challenge, as we started the project simultaneously with all the 'lockdown' measures, so that the whole planning phase was carried out completely remotely and with the help of online communication tools. Constraints in the offline world have very effectively replaced various online tools (Moqups, MS Teams, Camtasia). With the completion of the project, our Event Manager, despite the complexity of all processes and special conditions that dictate the operation of the 'backend', has become a user-friendly, comprehensive and transparent user interface with following functionalities, among others:
  • Internal interactive calendar with color markings according to the level of organizational complexity of the event and with overview of contacts of head event team members of individual event.
  • Editorial, multi-level setting of access and editorial user rights at the navigation, module and content-functional level.
  • Review and manage accreditations, both permanent and for an individual event.
  • Possibility to print accreditations of different formats and different graphic templates.
  • E-mail marketing system for sending multilingual eInvitations and automated emails.
  • Content management for event details for website and mobile applications - one content entry, 2 different but customized content displays.
  • Possibility to export different excel and pdf reports (accreditations, accommodations, transport, expenses, seating arrangements, etc.).
  • Fleet management module and overview of vehicle and driver reservations.
  • Gift order management and labeling systems module.
  • Cost management (and various reports) at event level, event type or time period.
  • Organization of accommodations, food and seating arrangements for participants of an individual event…

… and much more, which is simply impossible to sum up in a single readable news post. AEMS has so far done an excellent job in organizing all the biggest (so far in terms of complexity) presidency events, which were attended by the largest delegations of the EU and the European Commission and many media teams from around the world. Last but not least, even the organizing team of the Bled Strategic Forum was convinced by the solution.
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